Commercial Law

Representation in the area of Commercial Law::

  • Representation of companies in proceedings before the commercial courts.
  • Collection of claims of legal persons before the commercial courts (drawing up proposals for execution based on authentic documents).
  • Establishment of companies and entrepreneurial activities.
  • Representation and advice regarding the operating methods of enterprises and entrepreneurial activities.
  • Representation of companies before administrative, tax and misdemeanor authorities.
  • Representation in bankruptcy proceedings and proceedings relating to economic offenses.
  • Legal counsel concerning the creation of business ventures, drawing up professional contracts etc.
  • Methods:

    Legal areas are divided by categories so as to make it easier for our clients to find their problem and so that the best-suited professional from that particular area of law can be assigned to aid them.

    A trustworthy person who is a specialist in the area of criminal and commercial law will enable you to exercise your rights and protect your interests in an adequate manner.

    Dependability and expertise are qualities that are of utmost importance for representing your legal interests in all spheres of national and international law.