Civil Rights

Representation in the area of Civil Law:

  • Assembling of all types of claims, responses to claims, warnings of pending charges, countercharges, settlements, appeals against judgments of lower courts etc.
  • Representation of natural persons in civil proceedings before all national and international courts.
  • Representation in proceedings for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage (physical pain, emotional distress, fear, injury to reputation, honor, freedom, death of a close person, etc.).
  • Assembling of all types of contracts (sales contracts for movable and immovable property, contracts for lifelong care, business cooperation agreements, franchise agreements, assembling of all types of professional contracts, etc.).
  • Representation in negotiations regarding the conclusion of a contract, as well as representation in litigation before domestic courts in connection with the application, termination or annulment of a contract.
  • Representation in procedures of debt collection.
  • Methods:

    Legal areas are divided by categories so as to make it easier for our clients to find their problem and so that the best-suited professional from that particular area of law can be assigned to aid them.

    A trustworthy person who is a specialist in the area of criminal and commercial law will enable you to exercise your rights and protect your interests in an adequate manner.

    Dependability and expertise are qualities that are of utmost importance for representing your legal interests in all spheres of national and international law.